West Bengal’s First In-House Manufacturer of 100% Compostable bags

Nxtgenbio at Alipurduar.


About Nxtgen Bio

Nxt Gen Bio packaging industry cares for all your packaging needs in daily life chores. It is the first packaging company in West Bengal that focused in manufacturing of high quality and versatile compostable bags which help in the management of waste. It is certified that Nxt Gen Bio bags are made from cornstarch which is 100% compostable and not made up of artificial chemicals, so that  they can decompose naturally when introduced in the environment.

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Why To Choose Compostable Bags ?

There are some of the advantages of using Compostable products which will help you to understand why we should choose compostable bags over regular ones in daily life chores.

Biodegradable products are made from cornstarch which is completely non-toxic and renewable resource. They can be easily recycled while putting less impact on our environment.

These products require significantly less time to degrade in soil as compared to non bio-degradable products. It starts to decompose from 180 days when it comes in contact with moisture sunlight and soil

One of the major advantage of using biodegradable products is that it helps in reduction in carbon emissions during the manufacturing process as compared to the regular polythene which helps in climate change mitigation.

Biodegradable products need less water and lesser amount of energy in the making process than non biodegradable ones.

These products are 100% eco-friendly alternatives in compare to regular plastics and also reduced waste management cost and land usage.


Our Products

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Choose Compostable Today and Save Nature.

Plastic has made its way from being an economical solution for packaging to one of the biggest pollutants on earth. Nxtgenbio has the solution. We have innovative technology for manufacturing 100% Natural Compostable bags for all purpose use.

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Industries We Serve !​



Railway Station

Tea Garden & Tea Company

Retail Market & Supermarket

Municipal Corporation

Why Use Compostable Plastics ?

Degradation Time

Average degradation time of Easy Flux products are 60 days to 180 days.


Nxtgen Bio products do not generate any toxic element after degradation.

Carbon Footprint

Nxtgen Bio products have lesser ecological footprint than paper and plastic, which helps in climate change mitigation.

Less Energy & Water Usage

Nxtgen Bioproducts use less water and less energy in production in comparison with plastic and paper.

Financial Benefit

Reduces waste management cost to municipality and reduce land usage.

Sustainable & Ecofriendly

Nxtgen Bio products are 100% Sustainable and eco-friendly alternative of plastic.


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